No Interruptions

New Hoodie, I like it.

Xoxo Lethal


On a scale of one to ten, I give you WILD

There was a time not long ago when Wild Ones, the epic Flo-Rida/Sia collaboration, was played daily, loudly, and on repeat by yours truly. A trifecta of ahmazing. Then I got swept up in the boy band craze, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all … But now I’m back to loving wild ones, whether we’re talking wild in a truly rowdy sense or wild in the sense of I am absolutely WILD for your voice, Cal Shapiro. Smooth like butta, you keep doing your thing.

Xoxo Lethal

You hid what, where?

So, so many questions. Are they heavy? Can you even walk with that load? When you walk, do they fall from their gingey perch, leaving a trail of shame behind you? Have your chances with the ladies improved since discovering you had this power?

And, the one that’s going to keep me up all night: has anyone ever asked to borrow a pen?

Xoxo Lethal