Gummy panda

This lil guy should get you through to the weekend …

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Bottle those wits

For a mere $75, you can have your very own battle of wits Princess Bride-style with bottles of wine! Two, in fact: an As You Wish white and an Inconceivable cabernet. Is there really anything you’d prefer to do than sit around drinking some wine while casually tossing around the multitude of epic quotes from this film? Youtube that shit.

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Trending on the interwebs

Pinterest is apparently new cool thing to do on the interwebs and you better believe I’ve already jumped on that bandwagon. If you haven’t, you should, and if you have (and really, even if you haven’t) you should start dabbling in Tastespotting, a site that calls itself, quite simply, a visual potluck. Does that sound delicious or what? NOM nom nom, even in the office.

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New York, New York

A love song to the city that never sleeps and the ball team that lost … only the (foot)ball team didn’t lose this time, much to my disappointment. NYC, though, was about as far from a disappointment as physically possible. Tasting restaurant week at Brasserie (in the Seagram Building, no less!), lounging speakeasy-style at Death & Co., frolicking in Central Park following a long, lazy brunch at The Barking Dog, spotting Mr. T (and a late-night techno dance party) at the one Mexican diner I’ve ever been to … all with epic company, of course.


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Neon is the future

Neon may have been last season’s palette of choice on the runway, but kitchen tables everywhere can look forward to wearing it for meals to come. It may still be morning, but I want nothing more than to take a bite of this treat from Zim&Zou, a French studio run by Lucie Thomas and┬áThibault Zimmermann, both of whom are raaather legit in the paper crafting department. My thoughts? If this is the future of food, I can’t wait.

Happy FRIDAY, at last! First five day week since … I started work? Rough.

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A whole lotta somethings

Via here.

Does anyone else find it rather entertaining that Ron Paul was introduced by the Imperial March from Star Wars? Darth Vader, is that you?

DC Restaurant Week is going on now through 15 Jan (approx — a couple of restaurants are extending the prix fixe menus of $20.12 for lunch and $35.12 for dinner through next week). I’m headed to Jaleo tonight and it’s going to be the bomb dot com.

And, to throw one way out of left field, kgbdeals is offering $50 worth of beauty supplies for just $25. This just may be too good to pass up! Note: the offer is only available for the next two days.

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