Once upon a Friday night …

Don’t have too much fun with this. Or do. In fact, it’s kind of hard not to … and it is Friday, after all. Time to throw on your jewel-toned, floor-length, velour trench, and live it up a little.

Xoxo Lethal


All-in-one for the win

There are some all-in-once concepts that work — Apple, for instance. I’d argue that an Odwalla drink fits the bill, packing literally anything that could ever be construed as healthy into one, 190 calorie serving. And let’s not forget the onesie, that epic combo of pajama bottoms, tops, and socks that keeps you so toasty warm you may just have to chop off the footsie parts to get any sleep at all.

And then you have Vivienne Westwood’s latest creation, as seen on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. The cardi-legging, the best of cardigans and leggings … with more than just a hint of long john squeezed in for good measure.

Her show also featured this leotard, sparkling like the half-naked bosslady it is.

Runway to reality … never?

Xoxo Lethal

The real winner

The dress didn’t particularly pop against the red carpet and Michelle Williams doesn’t normally do much for me herself, but the two certainly left a lasting impression on my heart. Love Lust, so much lust. If I were Oscar, I’d want to go home with her. Engage in awkward small talk for a hot sec, then get an “emergency” call from a “friend” and have to “grab a cab.” With me would go this stunna of a dress. Obviously of it’s own accord.

Xoxo Lethal

Butter me up

The Butter London Spring 2012 collection: (l to r) Disco Biscuit, Bossy Boots, Slapper, Trout Pout, and Knackered. I’m feeling a particular affinity towards Slapper and Trout Pout, quite possibly as much for the names as the colors … and because the second one reminds me of this:

Xoxo Lethal

Les doldrums

Sometimes, when it’s rainy and generally rather dreary outside, it’s easy to get lost in les doldrums. Milo’s path out of the tollbooth may have been a bit of an epic journey, but mine is a mere traipse across the World Wide Web! Whether it’s hitting up Camelback Music or Fresh on Campus for some sweet new jamz, or discovering alternatives to the tried and true (and sometimes a little pricier than I might like) Gilt … including this cute lil market and this one of a kind jem, these sites are sure-fire ways to brighten the mood.

Xoxo Lethal

Going bananas

2012 is a year of endless possibilities, you know, death by Republican debates, the end o the world … and then there are certain possibilities that have graduated to prospects of certitude. One being a Jason Wu for Target collaboration that I’m sure you’ve already heard about … but have you seen the latest commercial?

Speaking of mischief, a second prospect that is getting me rather excited is a Trina Turk line for Banana Republic! It’s set to hit stores in June so details are limited .. but really, what details do you need? 2012, quite clearly, is to be a year of cats and bananas, bananas and cats, catanas of the most delightful variety! I, for one, cannot wait!

Xoxo Lethal


1. Going to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a somewhat long and not always perfectly representing the book’s storyline, but well-worth the $12.

2. Taking a quick trip to Bloomingdale’s at White Flint mall for 40% off the entire store, in place through February.

3. And finally, less of a recommendation and more of an aha moment, perhaps a little bit on the late side but still delightfully entertaining …

I SEE YOU, Mark Wahlberg. Or should I say, Marky Mark you funky fella. So JT of you. Or is it the other way around? I don’t care, I’m loving it.

Xoxo Lethal