Gummy panda

This lil guy should get you through to the weekend …

Via PerfectPandas // Pinterest

Xoxo Lethal


On a scale of one to ten, I give you WILD

There was a time not long ago when Wild Ones, the epic Flo-Rida/Sia collaboration, was played daily, loudly, and on repeat by yours truly. A trifecta of ahmazing. Then I got swept up in the boy band craze, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all … But now I’m back to loving wild ones, whether we’re talking wild in a truly rowdy sense or wild in the sense of I am absolutely WILD for your voice, Cal Shapiro. Smooth like butta, you keep doing your thing.

Xoxo Lethal

Duck duck goose

Minus the goose, plus a few human bystanders lending a helping hand to this young mama duck and her flock of ducklings as they crossed Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday.

The question remains: why did the duck family cross the road? To prove they weren’t a family of chickens! Hardy har har … Friday at last.

Xoxo Lethal