Lady power, take two

CLICK ME CLICK ME! A tip of the hat to you, Kim Bottomly, lady power is the shit.


Ladies, it ain’t easy being independent

BeyoncĂ© and whoever else was still part of Destiny’s Child got it right when they sang that line back in the ’90s. Even now, in the second decade of the 21st century, women continue to suffer from gender inequality. While true to a much greater extent in the developing world, is by no means absent from the developed one. Whether it’s a matter of bride burnings and the ever-profitable sex trade industry, or persistent pay inequality, women are openly and regularly discriminated against, even in a world where slavery has been abolished and the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women has been adopted.

The key to ending gender inequality once and for all is education. Ensuring that all children receive access to a primary education is perhaps the only reasonably attainable Millennium Development Goal, and it’s a goal that we must pursue relentlessly. By providing women with a solid educational foundation, their participation in the labor force will rise. This will result not only in increased earnings, but also reduced levels of poverty, increased economic growth rates, and, perhaps most importantly, better health and education outcomes for future generations. The power of the woman, it seems, is pretty much limitless. Indeed, as World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick was perhaps the first to publicly note, gender equality is smart economics.

Today, in support of International Women’s Day, I stand firmly behind this belief that gender equality in education will lead the way to gender equality throughout society. The two go hand in hand, and will lead to a better world, for women and for all.

Xoxo Lethal