A lil light reading for your morning commute

A Washington Post article on the changing role of the World Bank in an increasingly globalized world. What do you think?

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#SOTU, aka sup POTUS

aka John Kerry should stop playing hockey aka Joe Biden is an antsy child aka kudos to you, Gabby Gifford, but thank goodness you’re retiring today aka perhaps we give Boehner too little credit … his tie-coordinating skills were on point with Biden and Obamz aka just kidding, though I did catch him smile. Once.

In short, our union is in a state of disorder, largely thanks to the economy. But, if we follow Obama’s blueprint for the future — and if Congress leaves partisan battles behind in 2011 — there may be hope yet for the grand old US of A.

Hear, hear!

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A whole lotta somethings

Via here.

Does anyone else find it rather entertaining that Ron Paul was introduced by the Imperial March from Star Wars? Darth Vader, is that you?

DC Restaurant Week is going on now through 15 Jan (approx — a couple of restaurants are extending the prix fixe menus of $20.12 for lunch and $35.12 for dinner through next week). I’m headed to Jaleo tonight and it’s going to be the bomb dot com.

And, to throw one way out of left field, kgbdeals is offering $50 worth of beauty supplies for just $25. This just may be too good to pass up! Note: the offer is only available for the next two days.

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